Component Definitions - Professional

Component Architect Pro has all the features in the free Component Architect but many of these are enhanced with additional functionality, for example, rather than a direct delete of items the Pro version maintains a status for items, so uses trash and archive mechanisms to remove and save long term your component definitions.  Like the free delete functionality this performs cascade actions on all child records, for example if you trash a object/table all of the child fieldsets and fields will also be trashed.  In addition a cascade copy function is also provided.  So if you want to create a complete copy of your component and then just tweak it for another purpose then you can make a copy either by using Save As Copy in the record, selecting it from the list and using Cascade Copy or using the batch process which is available.

The Pro version also includes a new set of data for 'Field Values' which allows you to create lists of entries for fields that are select lists, check boxes or radio buttons.  These field value lists can be either specific for a field or generic value sets can be defined, for example countries or currencies.  It is not mandatory to use the field values records for any field, you can still define specific list items within the field definition.

Another major feature of Component Architect Pro is the ability to view child records within a single record view, for example, if you view a object/table you will see tabs within that for 'fieldsets' and 'fields' these will list the associated fieldsets and fields for that object/table and you can then edit or add new ones (enhancement planned to also allow delete).

All the cascade functionality is available for your own components by using the Joomla 3.x Enhanced code template.  This was used to generate both the free Component Architect and Component Architect Pro.

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