Component Generation - Enhancements

Whilst only minor changes are planned to how the component generation process operates ,there are a number of improvements 'behind the scenes' that are being investigated.  These will be required for additional functionality to be added to both component definitions and code templates plus to improve the efficiency of the process.

Methods to streamline the coding, and to make the component generation more parameter or data driven, are key to increasing the efficiency.  Currently some code has been replicated, with minor changes, which can be re-coded to use a single simplified code stream. For example, when processing fields many, but not all, parameters and values for the markup tags are taken from the field type and the field directly, without any additional code manipulation.  If all parameters and values could be directly generated this would allow new field types and new markup tags to be created at will.

Another key feature to be added is the ability to generate multi-lingual components.  Languages can be set in the component definitions and associated records can be identified but currently there is no mechanism in the component generation to identify this and from it generate multiple language files or to change the main language for commenting and coding language from English.



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